Be Kul, not cruel

About Us

Hello! We are very excited about our new products we are introducing to the world. All of our products are made from 100% Plush Mohair and Alpaca fur. We have been working with these furs for over 20 years in the high-end collectible industry. We are very proud of our furs and want to make them available in additional industries so that others might also enjoy them. 

We are an animal friendly company, so no animals are ever harmed or killed in the making of our furs. All of our products are made from REAL FUR. We do not use faux fur or synthetic fur. The fur is sheared from the Angora goat for our Mohair, and from the Alpaca (part of the llama family) for our Alpaca furs. This enables the animals to enjoy life and produce more fur for the next season! It is just a natural part of life!

After the fur is sheared from the animals, it is then made into a yarn. This yarn
is then woven into a 100% cotton backing. Then we custom make our furs with the length, density and color that will suit the products we are currently making. This is the same way that wool is made, sheared from the sheep then woven into a yarn and then made into products and clothing.

We are trying to make a difference in the industries we work with, by showing
that animals DO NOT need to be harmed or killed in order for us to have
beautiful furs to wear. Please help us in our quest to make a difference!
Buy Kul Fur. We are Kul (cool), not cruel to animals!

"Be Kul, not Cruel!!"